Welcome to DMLFTP.com -
You might have arrived here by accident.

If you're looking for our DML website , please click here.

If you're looking to upload/download files , you'll need to use an ftp client. There's one built into Internet Explorer, which you can learn about here , or for Firefox users you can download the free FireFTP extension . Once you've done that, you'll need the hostname, which is 'ftp.dmlftp.com' , and your login information, which is available from your DML contact.

There is no limit on the number of files or the amount of space they occupy collectively, but individially they must be less than 200mb. Realistically, if the file is larger than 20mb it will be quicker and easier to use a free service like WeTransfer , which will allow you to send up to 4gb files a lot faster than our ftp.

If you're in any doubt , give us a ring on 01753 880780.

We hope this helps.